Engagement Marketing. For Professional Business.

This is real.

How brands have gained presence has evolved over time.
Today, businesses need to demonstrate subject matter expertise, thought leadership, and the ability to engage with clients in a personalised manner.
So, we start investing in


a man sitting on a couch
a man sitting on a couch

the harsh reality is...

The cost of marketing staff is approximately
US$48-60k / person / year – for a (junior) generalist. He/She might resign within a year, leading to the arduous process of hiring replacements, which can take anywhere from 3 to 6 months.
Having one junior generalist to handle everything from graphics, content, social media, and more? Think again.

No one in the organisation is producing content using the sources you find most preferred and relevant to the business – to support growth and client engagement.
When failing to demonstrate expertise and thought leadership, that means gifting our competitors the valuable business.

As the one-man-Marketing department becomes too busy, we often seek help from external agencies.
However, it takes 6-8 weeks each time to go through the process with an agency just to confirm an assignment – even for a simple brochure design.
Seriously, will our client wait for 8 weeks for a brochure?
Time is money; speed matters.

We exist to solve

the key marketing challenges of :




That's why

Avoid the huge cost of production and months-long process with agency. Instead, get content, design, and development done within days and at a flat fee.

Gain better client engagement results by using high-quality expert content, all while establishing yourself as a leading influence in the business community.

Be the benchmark – the market and thought leader that your clients and community members trust.

The most effective marketing cost management that eliminates the "annual worries" – marketing budget and staff headcount.

Enable business and marketing leaders to focus on leading and executing strategy; while reducing cost of marketing operation.

Our Capabilities

Strategy Consulting

Design, Development, Deployment (3D)

Execution & Delivery

Development of growth-focused content-based marketing strategy.

From defining requirement to conducting design and development, review & testing, implementation, and sustained execution.

Ongoing delivery of managed services, support, and maintenance.

≫ Infographics
≫ Data Visualisation
≫ Market Trends & Update
≫ Educational Content
≫ Expert Insight & Perspectives
≫ Newsletter / Email Marketing & Distribution
≫ Social Media Management & Analytics
≫ Managed Paid Campaign & Ads
≫ Corporate Website & Lander
≫ E-commerce / Marketplace
≫ Corporate & Product Blogs
≫ Product / Sales Kit & Designs
≫ Event & Campaign Kit
≫ Graphics & Branding Kit
≫ Social Media Graphics & Post Content
≫ Video Edit, Animation, and Graphic Loop
≫ Web Tools & Integrations
≫ Web Managed Services & Automation
(The above is not an exhaustive list.)

Services :

Deliverables :

Content Tracking & Development

Track your preferred sources for monitoring market trends, competitors, regulatory changes, industry updates, etc.

Generate content in various format, ready for client engagement, social media posting, and other marketing use.

Example (actual case):
An infographic used in a United Nation meeting.

Managed Services

Social Media Management & Analytics
Advertising & Paid Campaign Management
Newsletter Development, Distribution, and Subscriber Management.
Web / E-commerce / Marketplace Managed Services
Marketing Automation
Web Tool Integration, etc.

We have been supporting projects from :

one flat fee subscription

Various services for

unlimited service request
add / upgrade / cancel anytime
team sharing for better cost saving

starts from USD499 / month

one flat fee


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